Review: Lampo tries to take over my Charlottesville Pizza Title

Review: Lampo tries to take over my Charlottesville Pizza Title

Oh no! It’s another pizza place in Charlottesville getting rave reviews…

Looking like a Hipster Hangout, we went and checked out Lampo in the city’s Belmont neighborhood. This former Kirby Vacuuum shop (that joint sucked….man, I love vacuum humor) has been converted to house a large wood-burning oven. There’s not much room for much else. About 10 tables are scattered around a bar and there are ten more spots outside. They have an upstairs waiting bar though which is kind of a cool idea.¬†Folks said to get there early (they don’t open until 5 pm) as you will otherwise wait in line.

Karie and I split two Neapolitan style pies:
The Funghi – pioppini and oyster mushrooms, garlic, panna, ager provolone, grana padano
Today’s Special – which consisted of ricotta, olive oil, tomatoes, garlic and basil

Nice beer and wine selection, by the way. I got to have a Maine Beer Company Mo.

Oh yeah. You get to slice or rather “cut” your own pizza with giant scissors. That was fun! Of course, just call me Three-Fingered Pete now.

Here’s the score on my scoring scale. Everything can get a possible 5 pts if it is the best in that category.

Inner/Center Dough/Crust: 3 – thin but that is the style, foldable, a wee bit floppy
Outer Crust: 5 – good chewy, tooth feel
Toppings: 5 – unique, fresh and hot
Overall flavor: 4 – a wee bit salt-y
Service: 4 – very good
Speed of food arrival: 4 – quick
Location: 3 – too small, too loud, too trendy…it’s fucking pizza

TOTAL SCORE (out of 35): 28 (80% or B- in school terms)

Still not Shenandoah Pizza but cracks my Top Three!

Note: I don’t do take-out pizza because by the time it gets to your house it is already not as good.

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