Review: Crozet Pizza isn’t the Best in America

Review: Crozet Pizza isn’t the Best in America

So I keep reading that Crozet Pizza is getting voted the best pizza in America by the likes of Fodor’s and National Geographic… I hadn’t tried them yet so I went to the Charlottesville location… which was not a stand alone but part of something called the Buddhist Biker Bar near the University of Virginia.

Maybe I need to go to the main spot in Crozet and maybe because this basically a college dive bar (not just a regular dive bar but a “college dive bar” which means people pee in the corners), this wasn’t the best pizza I have ever had… in fact, so far it is not even the best in Cville. Too bad.

Karie and I ordered The Special which consists of Pepperoni, Onion, Mushroom, Green Pepper, and Sausage. Not sure why that is called The Special because that seems like what I would like to order on a pie. The large was $23 and I had Bells Two-Hearted as my beer of choice at $6 a pint (In the fall, wander over on Sundays to Trinity around the corner (on The Corner and even more college dive bar). Go upstairs and hang with the Buffalo Bills Fan Club a.k.a. The Bills Backers. You can get a 25 oz Two-Hearted for $2.50. Make sure you root for the Bills.).

Here’s the score on my new scoring scale. Everything can get a possible 5 pts if it is the best in that category.

Inner/Center Dough/Crust: 2 – way thin and soggy, not even foldable, just limp
Outer Crust: 4 – pretty awesome
Toppings: 4 – fresh and hot
Overall flavor: 3 – a wee bit oregano-y
Service: 4 – very good
Speed of food arrival: 4 – quick and from a regular oven
Location: 2 – no dead bodies but cigarette butts and used matches on the table

TOTAL SCORE (out of 35): 23 (66% or D- in school terms)

Maybe next time I will make the journey to the original in Crozet, VA.

Note: I don’t do take-out pizza because by the time it gets to your house it is already not as good.

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